A quick shakedown ride

This morning was the perfect morning to give my new Kaoko pannier bags and brackets a quick shake down run to see if it all worked as planned.  Ricky

I met up with Swartbaard and his friends at the turnoff from the R75 to kleinpoort after they had a lekker breakfast run to Wolwefontein with the BMW club. I saw many of the other BMW club riders coming from ahead and I am happy to report that every single one of them lifted a hand to return my greeting. That was all of them except the guy on the K1600. I assume that if you are on a bike like that you do not need to greet anyone on a lower class bike.  Angry

Swartbaard and his wife on a F800GS , with Jacques and his wife on a R1200GSA and myself took the Kleinpoort road toward the Steytlerville to Uitenhage road.

We stopped at the T section for a quick chat before Jacques and co decided to go ahead and head for home as they were in a bit of a hurry. Jacques was riding a loan unit from BMW to help him make up his mind on wether he wanted one for himself.

The rest of us then took the road to Uitenhage at a leasurely pace until Swartbaard saw a little side road he wanted to explore. I followed him across the little rise and was in a perfect postition to see them go down in the only bit of mud in a 50 km radius.

I stopped in a flash and ripped open my new pannier bags to get to my camera to get the photo. With photos taken I proceded to enquire if they were ok. Luckily they were fine with only a little dent in Swartbaard’s ego.

We then left Swartbaard to his own devices to pick up his bike by himself. He proved that he was able to do it.

We followed the little tweespoor paadjie for a while but after a river crossing and some technical hill climbs where Swartbaard’s wife was forced to walk , we decided to turn around to prevent the poor lady from having to walk all the way home.

I got my camera out to capture our return crossing. Swartbaard proved that he is able to cross in style.

Unfortunately his skills with my camera was not in the same league as his riding skills and so this was the best pic I got of my own river crossing.

We stopped for a quick rehidration break where I was very surpised to note that Swartbaard rides in his church clothes.  Evil Evil

We turned back onto the main gravel road and hightailed it to Uitenhage where we had some nice cooldrinks before Swartbaard hit the tar back to PE and I went home to grab something to munch.

Thanks guys – we must do it again.

Oh , and I am very happy with my new pannier bags and brackets. They worked flawlessly.