I picked up a screw last night,

but I only really realized it this morning. I figured that the correct place to post my story was here in Ride Reports.  Ricky

So after all of the happenings in the photo above , I did actually get to go for a little ride.

I went past Gordon’sbay and just could not resist taking a pic of all the little sail boats in the bay.

Then at the viewpoint on the R44 I saw lots and lots of shoals of sardines. Seems they were lost a bit .

I spotted a red XR in front of my on the R44 and recognized Bailey on his scoot ( and then proceeded to call him Chris. Sorry Richard  icon_redface icon_redface felt like a tit afterwards).

I took some pics in Betty’s bay

And then went on to go up the Highlands road.

The first part of Highlands road is as crap and loose and corrugated as ever.

Once in the Elgin valley I pretty much followed my front wheel. Made numerous u-turns and rode up and down lots of small little roads and took some pics here and there.

Also came across this dam wall.

and river crossing

By this time my stomach was sending some very rude messages to my brain as far as food was concerned. And given the fact that I had skipped both supper last night and breakfast this morning my mind had to agree that my stomach had a point and so I headed home.

Took just two more pics at the Sir Lowreys’pass lookout point before I got home.