How to have a heart attack in 5 easy steps

This afternoon I got the chance to go and ride a bit. I have wanted to go and explore a bit more of the Overberg and so I made a bee line over Sir Louwrey’s Pass .

A short distance after Botrivier I turned right onto a dirt road that I knew will eventually get me to Caledon.

The canola was in bloom and the yellow patches was awesome.

I followed the road past some nice scenery and a couple of farms.

I saw lots of Blue cranes

And then I had a heart attack. Let me share with you the 5 easy steps to your own personal heart attack.

1. Ride along at a fair turn off speed (about 110km/h should do nicely)
2. Listen to Josh Groban (or your own favourite music) at a lekker level.
3. Experience a loud bang
4. Followed by the bang see a big black thing fly up in front of you and duck as it passes over your head.
5. Be convinced that your front wheel has just burst while you are scooting along merrily at 110km/h on a dirt road.

With all of the above happening – HAVE A HEART ATTACK !!!!

Having sufferd the heart attack I started an emergency assesment while slowing the bike down. It soon became evident that my front wheel has not burst as I still had full control of my bike. I stopped safely and after getting my heart beat back within normal range (under 200bpm was considered normal at the time)  I began figuring out what the hell just happened.

See if you can see what happened

Eventually I got back on the bike and started enjoying more of the scenery.

I saw some more beautiful places

After all of this I went though Caledon and turned left onto the N2. A short while later I turned right toward Greyton until I came across this

Now to someone on a DS bike that seemed like a challenge. I promptly turned left. Turns out that the road may have been flooded a few days ago , but I passed through without incident.

With a couple more lefts and rights I made my way towards Van der Stell pass and Botriver..

Van der Stell pass was recently graded and where two weeks ago I was riding it like a maniac , this time around I had to take it very easy with the loose surface keeping me wide awake.

I stopped in Botrivier for a cup of coffee and then hit the N2 home.