A Sunday morning run

Yesterday was such an awesome day to ride , but with my luck I had to work. So when I woke up to another awesome day this morning it did not take a lot to convince me to go riding.

Took the Rooiels road and stopped for a quick photo.

Then just as I planned to leave Louis and his girlfriend pulled up with his new bike.

Hard to believe that the bike he is on is a 300cc Kawasaki Ninja. The styling makes the bike look all grown up.

We were passed by a gent on a black Honda Africa Twin with a CY reg. I thought it was a friend of mine and  nailed the little BM to catch up with him. It seems I was mistaken and I had the wrong guy.

I continued past Betty’s bay and took the Highlands road.

There was water everywhere.

Then turned right through ‘the valley’ and stopped to look back at the highlands road.

I also took this pic of Jemima with the dam in the background

I then took the old Houwhoek pass.

Just after I turned onto the dirt I ran over a thin long snake. I tried my best to avoid the little oke , but he moved right into my line and I had no choice but run him over. I stopped and went to look for him , but could not find him , so I hope that the fact that I released all brakes and that he was on soft soil means that I did not hurt him.

I came acros these tracks where it seems a guy running a big bike on Annakees had a bit of a moment in the sand.

And stopped to photograh the trainbridge once again.

This photo shows the view as you come around the bend. It also give you a bit of an idea as to the state of the road surface.

I went through Botrivier and took the Van der stell pass. I took no pics in Van der stell pass as it always seems to bring out the little bit of hooligan that is in me. So I ended up racing down the pass towards Villiersdorp at a nice steep pace.

I turned towards Franshoek and stopped to take a pic of the Theewaterskloof dam that is very nice and full.

Then just before the Franshoek pass I went through a swarm of bees. Luckily I saw them and just tucked in and waited for the rattle on my helmet to cease.

The pass was a blast , although I did need to slow down a few times for baboons in the road.

In Franshoek I grabbed a quick rehidration snack before running Hellshoogte on my way home.