Another tough day in the Swartland

Last night Shaun (Bring it on) , Nicol and myself decided that Today will be a day of dirt road riding. And so me and Shaun did a quick get together to discuss where we wanted to go. Shaun planned a route that blew my mind.  I must say that I would never have seen half the places I saw if it was not for Shaun changing his day plans to join us for the ride .

But let us start at the beginning.

I met up with Shaun at the Caltex in Durbanville.

The idea was to meet Nicol in Wellington. We made our way towards Wellington with a short dirt sections in between.

Just as we were about to enter Wellington I saw a headlight coming up fast behind me. Turns it out was Nicol . Perfect timing.

Nicol had to fill up with petrol se we stopped in Wellington to get some fuel and a pie for Nicol.

Shaun managed the only river crossing that we would find all day.

We left Wellington and did some dirt roads towards and around Hermon.

We stopped for some photos with Shaun looking for some creative angles.

and doing the ‘Bring it On ‘ Salute

Some more dirt roads saw us get to Porterville.

We stopped to discuss our plans and Shaun had a bit of a thing with a cow next to the road.

We stopped for some coffee at a coffee shop that was closed.

And after not getting any coffee from the closed shop we decided to rather make our way up Dasklip pass.

Saw an interresting rock.

and was blown away by the panorama before us.

From Dasklip pass we headed to Eendekuil

and the stopped at Kardoesie on the Piekernierskloof pass for a breakfast.

After a fantastic breakfast we went back to Eendekuil and then on a wide loop towards Kapteinskloof.

Then on towards Piketberg for a drinks break.

From Piketberg we started to head home doing some lekker gravel roads along the way.

Shaun stopped to how us where he bought some land with his Transalp a few years ago.

We had a fantastic day with awesome roads that left me with a bike in serious need of a wash.

Thank you Shaun and Nicol for a very very nice day.

PS: We live in an awesomely beautiful country. I have never yet traveled in an area of our country where I did not see something beautiful.