No route planned (or the new camera test run)

This afternoon after work I decided that it was time I got out a bit and do a short ride. I was also itching to give newly acquired camera a test run.

I like it best when the GPS shows this:

I saw this plant that looked a little different to its brothers and sisters. Wonder what caused the stem to develop like this ?

This is what its family looks like :

Behind Paarlberg I saw this and stopped for a few pics.

The dirt roads behind Wellington were ok with some snotty patches.

I remembered seeing some crop-sprayers before and promised myself that if I come across one again I will stop for some pics.

Then it was on to Du Vlei padstal where you can get a very good value for money breakfast even at 4 in the afternoon.

The breakfast consisted of 2 slices of farm bread with cheese and preserves, 3 rashers of bacon, 2 egs , a lekker sausage and a toasted tomato that I told them to skip. All that for R36 is a BARGAIN.

With my stomach filled I took the road past Riebeeck Kasteel. I saw these vineyards with some awesome backlighting and turned around to go and get a pic or two.

Then over the pass and right onto the Riebeek river road. The road was very crappy in places.

At the Tsection I tuned left towards Malmesbury.

And stopped here and there for some pics along the way.

I went through Malmesbury where someone on a blue and white 1150GS passed me from the front with his indicator flashing. I gestured to him that it was on. Not sure if the gentleman is on Roam .

Then I followed the worst tar road known to man. The old Malmesbury Kalbaskraal road. I ended up doing the Meerkat at 100 – 120 km/h for long stretches at a time just to try and save my suspension (and my kidneys) over the more extreme parts.

It was worth it though when I got these photos:

At the T section with the R304 I turned towards home. With the sun behind me I stopped to photograph these tokens of a family’s pain.

I saw this house in the late afternoon light and made another of many U-turns for the afternoon to go and get a pic.

With the sun now setting fast I stopped for a final few pics of the sunset before making my way home.

What a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

PS: All the photos are unphotoshopped. As they came out of the camera. Only resized and framed in Fast stone image viewer.

I am very very happy with the results and the handling of my new little Canon SX160IS