Kromrivier – Cederberg – Tankwa. Awesome as always.

The heading pretty much says it all. We went to the Cederberg and a little bit of Tankwa and it was awesome.(although a bit hot I might add).

If you do not believe (about the awesome or the heat) me then read this.

I have been wanting to go on a lekker weekend ride for the last while and so a plan was hatched to go to the Cederberg for the weekend. When I mentioned this to Rynet she was keen to join as she had a rough week and needed some time out. We decided not to go to Oasis (Sorry Gerhard) as we wanted to try somewhere new. So rynet started making enquiries and soon our campspot was booked at Kromrivier.

Since I still need to earn my salary we could only leave after work on Saturday afternoon.

And so it was that I rocked up at the Engen Winelands stop a few minutes to three. Ready to go.

Soon after Rynet arrived and after a quick chat we headed up the N1 . The route would take us off the N1 and onto gravel roads as soon as possible.

With some twists and turns we followed the eensaamheid road where we had to stop in the tree lane for a compulsoray photo.

Where we joined the tar road again Rynet took some pics of a windpomp. And so I took pics of Rynet taking pics of the windpomp.

Some more gravel roads took us past Wellington.

Then I lost Rynet. I thought she had seen me turn off and she did not .

Eventually I stopped at the spot where she took the wrong turn and using some Whatsapp messages got her back to where I was waiting.

After turning onto the Road towards Porterville we stopped for a quick chat and regroup.

Rynet also needed to touch up her makeup .  :peepwall:

With all of that sorted out we hit the tar. Now on a mission to get some kilos under our wheels.

This idea was shortlived as I spotted the ‘Blokhuis’ close to the railway line and stopped for some pics first.

Then we got going again. Now with the intent of getting some kilos under our wheels.

This once again did not last too long before I stopped for a photo again.

Eventually we did make it to Citrusdal where we purchased some supplies and cooldrinks amongst the throng of semi drunk and very drunk locals.

I needed to have a snack and a drink , but with all the people around we decided to head out of town and find a nice spot to do this.

We stopped at a shady spot outside town and consumed our snacks and cooldrinks.

While Rynet made some last minute phone calls before we left cell reception I went and soaked my shirt in the sprinklers next to the road. Soaking my shirt would become the norm for the rest of the weekend.

At the Algeria crossroads we turned right and entered the Cederberg.

We were riding against time a bit as we did not want to pitch camp in the dark.

Eventually we did reach our campsite at Kromrivier where the time as industriously spent pitching tents and getting a fire going to braai.

Then it was time to sleep and recharge our bodies in anticipation of day two.

Day 2

I awoke to a glorious day and spent some time walking around taking some pics while Rynet tried to grab a last few minutes of sleep. My Gearne boots makes a squeek noise as I walk and eventually Rynet complained about the noise I am making. So I walked a little farther .

Eventually I noticed that Rynet had given up trying to sleep so I went back to the campsite , only to discover that she was now brewing and drinking Swampjuice. That she swears , I might add, is delicious .

Ughh – I should have stayed away for a bit longer. Suddenly I did not feel hungry anymore.

I went for another walk and took some more pics.

After leasurely morning we got everything packed up and ready. Had a nice breakfast at the office and then hit the road to Oasis where we took off our boots and dropped into the pool to cool off.

Gerhard showed us how he handles customer who do not to pay   :grin: :grin:

Actually some one saw a snake and Gerhard set out to solve the problem. Turned out to be a little egg eater so it was left in peace.

From here on I took very little photos. We had an absolute blast on the road from Oasis to Tankwa padstal.

At Tankwa padstal we had something to eat and drink and took a dip in the dam to cool off before flying down the R355 towards home.

Ended the weekend with something nice at the Engen Winelands before splitting up and making our way home.