A Little breakaway to Onrus

The last few days have been a little bit rough on my system and some of it must have shown in my chats with friends. So when Rynet decied to go to Onrus at the spur of moment on Saturday morning and asked if I would like to join it was like a Godsend.

We made our plans and arranged to meet at the BP in Somerset West as I still needed to work till 2pm.

After work , I rushed home, dumped some goodies into the topbox and my hydration pack and made my way to Somerset West.

As it turns out I was a little early and hung around for about 20 minutes before Rynet pitched up.

To ease my boredom I took some pics.

I saw the flags flying half-mast in Honour of Madiba. all except the Hotel’s own flag.  :patch:

Eventually though the lady did arrive and we could get going.

The idea was to go up Sir Louwreys and then across the Highlands road.

I did stop at the Sir Louwreys viewpoint but the wind was trying to blast us of the mountain , so we stayed just long enough to grab these two pics.

Just past Grabouw we turned right towards Elgin Valley . And then right again onto Appletizer road to go and show Rynet the Damwall at the end of that road.

Coming back up the road Rynet stopped and ordered me around to get the pictures she wants of herself.  :pot:

Back on the tar towards Highlands I stopped for this pic.

I had music in my ears and I was having a jol. At some point I had the throttle locked at about 70km/h and I was singing along heartily inside my helmet with my hands playing a drum rhythm on the tank. I was starting to relax and forgetting about the stresses of life. Life was good !

We got onto Highlands road and I stopped at the top to check if Rynet was still ok. The grin inside her helmet assured me that she was !

One more pic on Highlands of this tree …

and then on towards the tar road.

Left onto R44 and LEft Towards Botrivier. A little further on we turned right towards Karwyderskraal and without a second thought I shot past the ‘Road closed’ signs. We were on adventure bikes. What could stop us ?

(Ok – I also knew that the road was ride-able, but why screw up a good story ?)

We turned left onto the Karwyderskraal dirt road and made some dust again. I had a slight moment when the loose stones on the first turn caught me out and it took a short moment for my throttle hand to respond to my brain’s commands of poowwwweeeer. As soon as my right hand obliged things were going lekker again and I only slowed down to a crawl when passing some guys on horses along the way.

We stopped at the damwall for a quick regroup and some pics.

Then it was on towards Hermanus. Right onto the Hemel and Aarde road and right towards Onrus.

We stopped at the local shop to buy some supplies. And then carried onwards towards our overnight stop with two bundles of wood tied to the back of Rynet’s bike with a flimsy cargo net.

Some of my riding partner’s excintricites would be made clear to me in the next few minutes.

With 3 cars in front of Rynet passed them all on the right hand side while they were stopping at the stop sign. The fact that it was not a 4 way stop only registered with her a lot later.

Having managed the Onrus peak traffic she proceeded to fly across the two speed bumps with the wood on the back of her bike getting some serious air time on each jump.

 At the beach she saw a newly married couple having their pictures taken and I had to grab a serious handfull of brakes as she made an emergency stop and grabbed her camera to go and take photos of this event.

I am not sure what the wedding couple or the photographer thought of this impromptu wedding photo crasher , but they played along and posed for some pics.  :pot:

At our stop we got all the gear packed away and the fire going and just chilled. I chill with a camera in my hand and spent the time playing and taking pics.

This was easy to do as we were treated to the most spectacular sunset I have seen in a long time.

After a lekker braai and a quick little kuier with Operator we went to bed tired but happy.

Sunday morning saw us waking up to a glorious sunrise.

Rynet would stay over another day while I made my way back towards Cape Town and Fishoek to visit my laaitie

I stopped in Rooiels for a quick brekkie

And had to stop for a few pedestrians along the way.

I have always seen these ships on dry land at the film studios and this time I made a plan to stop and photograph them.

I grabbed one more pic of a seagull floating on the wind before getting to Fishoek where I spent a very lekker day with my laaitie.

All in all a great way to spend a weekend. :ricky:

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